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What is "executive function?"

Executive function is a set of skills that aid in the process of managing one's self and their life.

What is an "executive function consultant?"

An executive function consultant is many things; a teacher, a listener, an assistant, a cheerleader, and even a mentor. My job is to teach you new skills and help you hone old ones so that you are better able to manage your own life.

What's the difference between a executive function "coach" and "consultant?"

Generally speaking a coach will help you determine how to reach your goals and a consultant can lay out the details of the goal and how to reach it.

Rare Bear Consulting is a hybrid. Together we determine a goal and Rare Bear Consulting will create a step by step plan that will not only help you reach the goal but give you many paths to reach it.

Do you see clients in person?

I do not.

However, if you are unable to meet on Zoom, sessions can be done through other video platforms or over the phone.

Why is the company called "Rare Bear" Consulting?

The bear being referenced in the company name is the Kermode bear, sometimes called the "Spirit Bear." This bear is a sub-species of the American black bear that is predominantly found in British Columbia. The Kermode bear has cream or white colored fur and brown eyes. Genetically, they are black bears but somewhere in their DNA an anomaly occurred. There are only about 100 of these bears that currently exist.

How does this relate to me/the business?

I have always felt a strong connection to bears and although they aren't my favorite animal, they are the animal that I feel embodies me best. So, when I found a bear that truly embodies me (I have albinism) I couldn't help myself. I chose not to use "Spirit Bear" because I felt that it came dangerously close to cultural appropriation and Kermode (pronounced Ker-moh-dee) just didn't roll of the tongue. So, I settled on Rare Bear.

What if I don't need "regularly scheduled" sessions?

That's okay! I strive to be as accommodating as possible, that's why there is the option to book single executive function sessions. This option can be found under the "Book Online" tab.

Are consultations required?

Consultations are in fact required. A consultation is the time where we get to learn more about each other. During this time we will discuss your concerns and things you'd like to work on, as well as what a session may look like for you. This time is also used for me to determine whether or not I am truly the "best fit" for you.

I believe in setting people up for success, so if I believe that I cannot provide you with the assistance you need, I will not take you on as a client. However, I will do my best to find someone that CAN help you.

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